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Court Marriage Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

What is Court Marriage?

A Court Marriage, solemnized under the Special Marriage Act of 1954, is one that is carried out in the court of law in the presence of a Marriage Officer and three witnesses. It does not require for you to perform any rituals attached to the Traditional Indian Marriage system. Simply getting married in compliance with the Special Marriage Act, 1954, in front of a Marriage Officer suffices for a valid marriage in the court of law.

Eligibility Criteria for Court Marriage in India

• Your caste, creed or religion does not matter to the court of law for proceeding with Court Marriage. As long as you are eligible under the criterion mentioned for the Special Marriage Act, you can opt for a Court Marriage in India.
• A couple where one partner is the citizen of India and the other is a foreigner can also opt for a Court Marriage.
• You should be of marriageable age under the court of law in order to apply for a Court Marriage. The minimum age for marriage eligibility under the Indian court of law is 18 for the bride and 21 for the groom.
• As long as both partners are of a sound mind and wilfully, without any compulsion, consent to get married, the pair only requires three other witnesses in order to go ahead with the proceedings of Court Marriage.
• In case of it being a second marriage for either partners, the first marriage should have been dissolved either by death of partner in previous marriage or by divorce. Any person who is in an existing marital relationship cannot go ahead with marrying another person under the court of law.

Why should you opt for a Court Marriage?

For since forever, the Ritual Marriage system has been the way that more than 70% of the population of India has opted to be married in. While centuries ago, when the system of law was not in place and everyone had only one way to be married in, that is the ritual marriage system, we are now a part of the 21st century and things have changed a lot.

There is no doubt that ritual marriage has its own fancies and celebratory nature attached to it. However, there is no denying the security that Court Marriage holds with itself. For in any relationship, when you take the ultimate decision of getting married, the way in which you choose to go ahead with it decides the course of action for your entire life. Whether your relationship with your partner is one through a chance at love or through an arrange marriage setup, opting for a Court Marriage will be mutually beneficial for more than one way for both you and your partner. Let’s have a look at some of these.

The Benefits attached to Court Marriage System

1. Financial and Legal Benefits
Traditional Marriages, no matter what scale the ceremonies are performed at, have large-scale costs attached to them. Even though you might want to opt for a small scale gathering and a ceremony, when in an Indian household setup where hosting guests for various ceremonies is a thing, the expenses add up to a lot. Opting for a Court Marriage ceremony allows you to save up on all those extra expenses, which you can later use for building a life and home with your partner.
Although, even if you do decide to go for a traditional ritual marriage, applying for Court Marriage registration with it can add to the financial benefits you can reap as a couple in the future. It makes procedures like procurement of a VISA, a lot easier. It also ensures you the security of claiming the legal rights of shelter and prevention against domestic violence, which is a largely reported crime against women in India, a high number of which comes from dowry related issues.

2. Economical on the standards of Time
In a world where everything is so fast-paced, people rarely have time to grab a meal with friends, much less take extended unpaid leaves from work. Traditional marriages involve a huge number of ceremonies and thus cost you a lot of time not only in attending them, but also to get everything organized. After all this hassle, you then might have to take unpaid leaves from work and might not even be able to enjoy your post-marriage travels and honeymoon with your partner. Court Marriage on the other hand is a one-day ceremony, which literally takes you less than a few hours. This saves you time and lets you invest that time on your travels and settling in to your new life with your partner.

3. Allows for more privacy
For the people who want to avoid the interference of relatives and acquaintances in every little detail of how things are planned out in your marriage ceremony, a Court Marriage is the right way to go. It allows you a more private space where you could just have a few friends and family to accompany you in your happiness. A Court Marriage is a more private affair and hence gives inter-caste/inter-racial couples a private space, out of people’s judgemental eyes, to give the perfect start to their life as a married couple.

4. An escape from the orthodox system of rituals that works against you
The current generation is becoming more and more aware about how a large part of the Indian traditions are rooted in a belief system which is not just highly orthodox, but also extremely inhumane. Practices like dowry only seem to scratch the surface level of it. As you go deeper into the understanding of it you realize how anti-feminist these practices are, where a woman is never treated as an equal to his male partner. The vows you take during the pheras can be a great way to start looking at this unequality, making a woman’s life after marriage nothing in herself but all about taking care of her family and her future-children. India has still a long way to go in giving females the same amount of respect and authority in every sphere of life as they do to the males. Opting for a Court Marriage gives you the freedom to do away these practices and build your own foundation of life with your partner. If it is an arranged marriage and you put this suggestion out to your partner, it might just tell you so much more about the way they look at things.

It is important to understand that traditions are made by humans and do not make human lives. We do not have to live by them if we don’t want to. Making your own decisions of how you want to get married should be considered as equally important and subjective as any other financial or career choice you make. Now choose the better, more wholistic way to start a married life with your partner, by opting for a Court Marriage, and build a more secure and happy future together.

Urgent Court Marriage Thane

A Court Marriage is a type of marriage recorded, conducted, and recognized legally by the authorities of Government. It is also considered as an authorized way to sanctify a relationship. In India, Court marriages are done under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.
Nowadays, Court Marriages are highly propagating amongst the youths. The main reason behind its popularity is that it is open for all casts and religions. It is more wide spread in urban society and therefore we are here to offer you the service of Urgent Court Marriage in Thane. We at Riya Consultant help people in completing complicated Court Marriage procedure in Thane.
There are certain protocols for getting married in a court like a bride must be of 18 years old, while the groom must be of 21 years old. The main advantage of Urgent Court Marriage Thane is that there are no restrictions on religion, caste, and community. Couples from same or different communities are happily ready for court marriages unlike that of religious marriages.

We at Riya Consultant, provide you with easy procedures of getting married and in legal ways. Our consultancy is best known for Marriage Registration and Urgent Court Marriage Thane. We have a number of good staff and supervisors that can guide you with your queries and the process for registering your marriage in the legal premises.
Riya Consultant is the eventual destination for marriage related services in the entire Thane city. We are reputed and highly authorized organization, and have the right to perform Court Marriage, issuing a proper and legal marriage certificate to the couple. We offer legal consultancy for court marriage where we offer excellent suggestions concerning the marriage. We also have professional advocates who organize the whole marriage procedure with legal documents and assist them in the whole process. Our team also struggles to issue the registration certificate at the earliest. Our matrimonial professional lawyers also assist the couple son how to register their marriage and explain all the procedures in detail.

Why choose us?

If you are looking for the procedures of bringing success to Urgent Court Marriage in Thane and the procedure of how to register for the same, we at Riya Consultant hold expertise in guiding you for the mentioned process. There are some basic set of rules and guidelines set by the legal bureau which says that in order to get a court marriage registration done in Thane, the individuals shall be aware of the fact that the registration of Urgent Court Marriage in Thane is a process which can be successful only if it is done in the Thane district or else the registration moves no further.
There are certain guidelines set by the court when the bride and groom apply for the Urgent Court Marriage in Thane. It consists of the procedure which can be made right in the presence of original documents, eligibility, age proof, ID proof, nationality and we at Riya Consultant help our clients with all the minute details that will bring success to your marriage life.
Riya Consultant It’s not just you but there are thousands of clients who register through us and do not have any complaints. You may be surprised to know that our consultancy provides 24*7 services not only on phone but even on chat. We have our executives who’ll come to your doorstep to support your queries about Urgent Court Marriage in Thane.

One Day Court Marriage Thane

One day court marriage Thane or Same Day Marriage is a wedding ceremony performed within the timespan of one day. It may or may not involve any other wedding rituals other than the wedding ceremony itself which can be performed in both a solemnized wedding ritual way or through a court marriage. However, the court marriage ceremony will need time for application and other procedures; thereby One day Court Marriage Thane is preferable for those having time in their hands before getting married but want a simple and hassle-free marriage.

Why Contact us and Not Do it All by Yourself?

Riya Consultant has been an established consultant in helping people with the Registration of One day court marriage Thane. When performed in a religious solemnized way performing all or most of the rituals, it can be really hectic and messy for the pair getting married, as well as for the family members involved. Even in the case of court marriage, there is a long procedure that needs to be followed prior to the wedding, and that too needs the help of professionals and contacts. In both the cases, that is right wherever we step in. We, at Riya Consultant, help you skip the hassle and stress and get the arrangements done for One day court marriage Thane. We work effectively for you and the convenience of your family. By doing so, you can enjoy the one special day of your life that you have been waiting for.

Why Choose Us over other Marriage Consultancies?

• We make it Stress - Easy for you and your Family: As we had mentioned earlier, getting all things done in less than twenty-four hours can make the situation stressful for those involved in all the preparations when the wedding is the ceremony. We convert your stress into our responsibility when you approach us. We assure our Clients about our Service. You don’t need to doubt us or worry about anything once you approach us as we take your requirements seriously. Thus, you can enjoy the wedding without worrying about having to do anything. And our Team believes when people can enjoy their Wedding, they are enjoying their dream.

• We take care of all that is necessary: One day court marriage Thane does not mean that you have to skip on the best moments of your life that you wanted to be a part of the plan when it comes to your marriage. All you need to do is, leave it upon us and we will take care of all that is necessary to make your wedding just as you always wanted it to be. We want you to live your Gala event with no worries about the Registration of One day court marriage Thane.

• Genuity: We make sure that every professional involved in making your dream come true is genuine. The authenticity of all documentation is maintained and also we make sure that it is re-verified, so you do not have to face any problem about the same in the future • We strive to give you everything at its best: All these years in the industry, we have built contacts so we can provide our clients the best services. We have a strong Client base. Our Clients and people trust us for One day court marriage Thane. We help you get in touch with experts and professionals from our Consultancy for everything you need.

• Safety of Information: The most special moments of your life and all the related information stay safe and secure with us. We make sure that all the information that you share with Riya Consultant and its Members are accurate and not used anywhere against your will. The Security of information is our Ultimate Aim.

• Professionalism: A team of dedicated professionals awaits your presence at Riya consultant. For us, the priority is you. We admire and seek the authenticity of Professionalism. Our Team members are always striving to maintain and follow this approach in our industry. We are here to serve you in the best way possible that we can.

We hope you consider us to be worthy enough for your Service and thus we await your presence at Riya Consultant. If you’re looking for One day court marriage Thane, then we’re the one for you!

Looking forward to making your dream wedding really Dream-like!

Inter-caste Court Marriage Thane

Inter caste marriages have found a place in the Indian tradition in the last few decades, but not many know how to go about tying the knot when the traditions of two different cultures come together. For such cases and all the hearts who want break free of the norms and embark upon the lovely journey of a happy and fulfilled married life, we at Riya Consultant, do the job.

About us and our Services

Riya Consultant works with a team of highly qualified professionals to offer you the most premium services for Inter-caste Court Marriage Thane. Maharashtra, where the city is highly populous and active, can seem to be a little overbearing an affair to conduct all by yourselves. The registrations, the paperwork and documentation, timings, lapses, certification and all of the other management required to help you seal the deal with your loved one, is what we help take charge of, so you don’t have to worry.

Our Services for Inter-caste Court Marriage Thane, include all of the below mentioned procedures.

• Pre registration Documents: We make sure all your documents like Residential Proof (Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Ration Card), Caste Certificate, Attested Joint Photo of the Bride and Groom, and other such things are taken care of before one heads to the Court for Application.

• Application to the Court for Inter-caste Court Marriage Thane: This is where the official work begins. After we have all your documents ready, we help you with the Application Procedure to procure a date for Marriage Registration. Since the state workings in Maharashtra, one of the most populous Indian states, take a lot of time and revisits for legal applications, we at Riya Consultant, working with highly qualified legal professionals, help you get through with this step in the fastest way out.

• Getting you the Date, you desire: Due to a significance of events or traditions, most couples have a specific date in mind when they head for Court Marriage Registration. Working with legal experts, we help you savour your dreams and try our best to get you the date slot you desire to get married on.

• The Marriage Registration Process: Legal procedures take a lot of time. When you go about this procedure on your own, without expert help, it might take you hours waiting outside the registrar office before you can actually get your marriage registered on D-Day. To help you escape the hassle, our experts make sure to eliminate this wait time, and help you cherish the best moments of your life.

• Certification of Inter-caste Court Marriage Thane: With Riya Consultant provide services for Inter-caste Court Marriage Thane, you won’t have to make multiple visits to court for procuring your Marriage Certificate. We will help you procure it without any hassle, in the quickest way possible.

With everything covered from the very first registration visit to acquiring the Certificate of Inter-caste Court Marriage Thane, post the ceremony, we help you enjoy the best moments of your life without having to worry about procedures or timelines.

Court Marriage Office Thane

Are you planning to get married? Do you want to have a Court Marriage? If yes, you are definitely on the right page! We at Riya Consultant are here to help you in providing the professional and experienced advocates to assist you with the documentation and all other procedure required for Court Marriage. We also provide service in getting through all the legal formalities after solemnization of marriage for issuing the marriage certificate. Riya Consultant offers support for the legal court marriage procedure to clients belonging to different religions and casts. Our Court Marriage office has expert lawyers, counselors, officers, and consultants who manage to successfully solemnize and register your court marriage.

How does Riya Consultant help you?

Riya Consultant helps people with the documentation and procedures required for court marriage. Riya Consultant is one of the best Court Marriage Offices in Thane. We provide court marriage-related services throughout the whole City.
Our Court Marriage Office is always available to assist and guide regarding the queries and the process for registering your marriage in the Court. We have well-qualified legal professionals who offer smart solutions and suggestions if there are any complications. Our highly experienced lawyers organize and manage the entire marriage procedure and issue legal documents like the registration certificate at the earliest.

● Economical than conventional marriages.
● Easy Procedure.
● Hassle-free Marriage.
● High security.
● Valid throughout the world.
● Inter-caste or religious marriages permitted.
● Legal and authorized.

Services offered by Riya Consultant

● Court Marriage
● NRI Court Marriage
● Hindu Marriage Registration
● Inter-Caste Marriage Registration
● Inter-Religion Marriage Registration
● Marriage Certificate
● Certificate of non-impediment

Why Clients Prefer Riya Consultant?

We have a team of dedicated and efficient advocates who are capable of providing the clients with the best services. We believe in non-complacency, hard work, genuineness, and honesty, and this has helped us grow leaps and bounds in the last few years. Therefore, Riya Consultant is one of the most trusted Court Marriage Office in Thane. Due to the below-mentioned qualities, clients prefer Riya Consultant for Court Marriage and other marriage-related services.

Integrity and Morality

We have built the image and reputation of our firm over the years and never a fraud case has happened at Riya Consultant. We strictly follow the work ethics like transparency, integrity and, morality and never let happen injustice to our clients. We are always fair in our dealings and no bribes are entertained in our Marriage Consultancy. What we say we do. We do not give false promises to our clients or do not manipulate them. Our sincerity towards our work has gained us many clients and a good reputation in the market. We are one of the top leading firms and all this is due to our authenticity and honesty.

Dynamic Leadership

Our expert lawyers and consultants have dynamic leadership qualities. They provide the right direction, counseling, and guidance to our clients. This is one of the major reasons for clients preferring Riya Consultant.

Time Management and Co - operation

We have built a highly cooperative team that understands the value of the time of their clients. Therefore clients at our Court Marriage Office in Thane never have to wait for hours for getting their work done. Our professionals cooperate with them and help them in the documentation and other procedure without wasting anyone’s time.