Court Marriage Procedure

Court Marriage Procedure Thane

The Court Marriage Procedure in Thane, Maharashtra, contains just about a handful of simple steps that you need to follow starting from reaching out to the court of law to getting your marriage certificate post solemnization of marriage. Before we start, let’s have a look at the basics you need to run through.

What is the criterion for eligibility to apply for Court Marriage Procedure Thane?

Criteria: Legal Age of Marriage (18 for females, 21 for males); Partners are of sound mind, consenting to marriage; not in an existing marital relationship.

What documents do I need?

Gather documents required such as: Age Proof, Aadhar Card, 2 passport size photos of each partner, Ration Card/Station House Officer’s report of either party having resided in Thane for at least 30 days prior to application. In case either party involved was married before: Divorce Decree/Death Certificate of Spouse.

What is the step-by-step division of Court Marriage Procedure Thane?

After you are done with the basics let’s have a look at the Court Marriage Procedure Thane.

1. Contact the Registrar for Marriage in Thane.

2. File a Notice of Intended Marriage, in coordination with the Marriage Registrar of Thane, 30 days prior to when you want to get your marriage solemnized.

3. The next step is the publishing of said notice by the Marriage Registrar, to invite objections from either partner, if any.

4. Verification by Marriage Registrar of Thane, of objections raised by either partner, if any.

5. In case of no objections from either party, in the 30-day period between application and approval, your marriage can then be solemnized on any day of your choice till day 90 from the day of application. Post this, if you have still not solemnized your marriage and want to do it on a further date, you have to start the application process from scratch.

The solemnization of your Marriage will take place at the office of the Marriage Registrar of Thane. Remember to check in all the details well in advance with your lawyer/Marriage Registrar.

6. You will need to look for three witnesses to accompany you and your partner to the Registrar’s office and sign on as witnesses to your Marriage, during the solemnization/registration of Marriage.

7. On the day of solemnization, you and your partner take the vows mentioned under the legal structure of the Special Marriage Act of 1954, and sign the document for marriage registration.

8. Alongside, the three witnesses that accompany you, sign the required documents standing witness to the solemnization of your marriage. 9. Once you are done with these steps, you and your partner are then thereby a legally married couple.

10. Along with the legalities of signatures and vows, you may choose to exchange rings and/or garlands. Most Registrars are comfortable with this and allow you for the same, but to be sure about it, you may ask your Marriage Registrar about these things beforehand.

11. The Certificate of Marriage can then be collected within a week after the process of solemnization from the Registrar’s office at Thane.